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Лера Чернова из 4 класса "Д" рассказывает о своей младшей сестре:

  • I like my sister. Her name is Aisha. She is 6 years old.
  • She is the best sister in the world!
  • She loves to be in Anapa.
  • She has friend Angel
  • She has many friends.
  • We love to walk together
  • We are not walking only...
  • ...we like to know more about the world!
  • We like to travel together
  • My mum with me and my sister like to dress up
  • Оn this map I tell her about other cities and countries
  • She and her friends like to play snowball in winter

My sister, my friend man

My sister, favorite forever.

My sister, mature eyes,

And milk for a long time,

Became dry on the lips.

My sister, you"re younger and more foolish,

And in the mirror you look,

More аnd more beautiful.


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