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Where do snowmen go to dance?

Snow balls!

Children throw snowballs when there is a lot of snow. A ’ball’ is another name for a dance or formal party.

Why did the child study in the aeroplane?

He wanted a higher education!

Higher education’ is when you continue studying at college or university when you finish school. Aeroplanes fly high in the sky.

What did one bat say to another bat?

’Let’s hang around together!’

Bats hang upside down. If you ’hang around’ with your friends, it means to spend time together. In the United States they often say ’hang out’.

Which ant is bigger than an elephant?

A gi-ant!

Both the words, elephant and giant, have the same letters as the word ant! Elephants and giants are very big and ants are very small!

Why are fish so clever?

Because they are always in schools. You know what the word ’school’ means, but did you know that it’s also the word used for a group of fish?

You can say, ’I saw a school of tropical fish when I went diving.’

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