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I `ve got 10 fingers,

I `ve got 10 toes, 

I`got 2 eyes and only 1 nose.

I touch with my fingers,

I dance on my toes,

I see with my eyes   

And everyone knows,

I smell with my nose.

                                              Песня о дружбе.

The more we are together, together, together,

The more we are together,

The happier we are.

For my friend - is your friend

And your friend - is my friend.

The more we are together

The happier we are!

The more we sing together, together, together,

The more we sing together 

The merrier we are.

For his friends -  are her friends

And her friends -  are his friends,

The more we sing together

The merrier we are!

A pig went to town to buy a stick.
What? A pig with a stick?
A stick for a pig?
Who ever saw a pig with a stick?

A cat went to town to buy a hat.
What? A cat with a hat?
A hat for a cat?
Who ever saw a cat with a hat?

The letter A. 

Apples here,apples there,

Apples,apples everywhere!

The letter C.

I am the cat.

My name is Hat.

I am not fat.

I like to chat!

The letter D.

I am the dog.

My name is Jack.

My coat is white.

My nose is black.

The letter E.

Little yellow bee,bee,bee!

How many flowers can you see?

One and two,
I and you,
One and two,
Who are you?

One, two, three,
He and she.
One, two, three,
Who is she/he?

 I like to fly,
 I like to swim,
 I like to run,
 Jump and sing.

I am slim.
He is fat.
He is merry.
I am sad.


 Clap, clap, clap your hands,
 Clap your hands together.
 Stamp, stamp, stamp your feet,
 Stamp your feet together.
 Touch, touch, touch your ears,
 Touch your ears together,
 Touch, touch, touch  your cheeks,
 Touch your cheeks together.
 Shake, shake, shake your hands,
 Shake your hands together,
 Smile, smile at your friends,
 Let us smile together.

 A B C D E F G
 H I J K L M N O P
 Q R S T U V W
 Q R S T U V W
 X Y Z
 Oh, well, you see,
 Now I know the A B C!

A hen went to town to buy a pen.
What? A hen with a pen?
A pen for a hen?
Who ever saw a hen with a pen?

A fox went to town to buy a box.
What? A fox with a box?
A box for a fox ?
Who ever saw a fox with a box?

A dog went to town to buy a frog.
What? A dog with a frog?
A frog for a dog?
Who ever saw a dog with a frog?

A cock went to town to buy a clock.
What? A cock with a clock?
A clock for a cock?
Who ever saw a cock with a clock?


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