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Touch your head, touch your nose,

Touch your ears, touch your toes,

Jump and run! Let`s have fun!

Wash your face! Wash your hands!

Clean your teeth! Stay healthy, please!


The Food I Like

On Sunday I like meat and chips.
On Monday bread and cheese.
On Thuesday Coca-Cola.
And pizza...Mmm, yes, please.

On Wednesday it"s spaghetti,
And on Thursday eggs and fish.
On Friday I like sandwiches,
And ice-cream in a dish.

But Saturday is my favourite day.
Oh, yes. It"s very nice!
On Saturday it"s chicken... Mmm,
Salad, bread and rice.

One, one, one,
Little dogs run.
Two, two, two,
Cats see you.
Three, three, three,
Parrot on the tree.
Four, four, four,
Mouse on the floor.
Five, five, five,
Birds in the sky.
Six, six, six,
Two funny pigs.
Seven, seven, seven,
Here is a bear.
Eight, eight, eight,
Fish on the plate.
Nine, nine, nine,
Our animals are fine.
Ten, ten, ten,
Fly if you can.


Bread and butter,

Milk and tea,

Put your finger on your knee,

Bread and butter,

Cake and ice,

Put your fingers on your eyes,

Bread and butter,

Duck and rose,

Put your finger on your nose,

Bread and butter,

Juice and eggs,

Put your fingers on your legs.


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